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The south-central and southeastern portions of the United States are expected to bear the brunt of impacts from a giant cross-country storm beginning on Thanksgiving Day and pe

Intense Tropical Cyclone Batsirai crashed into the east coast of Madagascar over the weekend, unleashing destructive winds, destroying entire towns and adding further hardships

Sand sculptures, formed naturally from wind erosion around frozen sand, fills the beach in areas along Lake Michigan on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2021, at Tiscornia Park in St. Joseph.

Vermont Agency of Transportation workers Joe Ruzzo, Ron Laplante and Seth Kimball, from left, post at the side of Big Bessie, a snowplow truck, on Nov. 17, 2021, outside the

Record bookkeepers in the Pacific Northwest need a break before they develop a writers cramp. The past 12 months have proven that 2021 just doesnt seem to care about climatol

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) wasted no time in preparing to keep the roads clear during the approaching winter season -- the salt barns are stocked, the trucks

Flash flooding hit parts of Arizona hard Wednesday afternoon as monsoon rain inundated burn-scarred ground, leading to at least one heart-pounding rescue that was caught on cam

The same robust winter storm that brought historic, travel-snarling snow to the Rocky Mountains and High Plains will pivot across the Midwest into Monday night, unleashing a bu

Following some very trying times for millions of people in the central United States due to record-setting cold, snow and ice during February, the weather has greatly eased up

A major thaw is forecast for the recently winter-bombarded south-central United States, where millions of Americans have been struggling to stay warm this past week. Even thoug

Shortly after enjoying temperatures rising into the 80s, Malibu, California, residents were in for a treat on Saturday when a rare snowfall dusted the area. Hail and rain were

Winter lovers in the northeastern United States have been disappointed by a generally mild January thus far, but a return to wintry conditions has commenced and will continue i

Gusty winds and almost summerlike warmth have already created dangerous conditions and elevated the fire danger to critical levels across parts of Southern California during th

A big storm that already lashed parts of the Northwest, Rockies and High Plains with fierce winds was barreling eastward and intensifying on Thursday, threatening all manner of

The end of the year is quickly approaching, but Mother Nature is set to bring one more winter storm to the center of the country. A significant amount of ice and heavy snow ca

Widespread disruptions are sweeping across the northeastern United States as a potent snowstorm has unloaded more snow in one day in some places than every winter storm from la

The storm is expected to unleash snow, rain and strong winds across parts of the central United States, but the exact strength and track of the storm will determine how intense

The official start to winter is still weeks away, but Mother Nature was ready to bring on the seasons first noreaster, which wasted no time intensifying into a bomb cyclone.

Unseasonably cold air will plunge into the South, ushering in the lowest temperature readings since last winter - and even some record-challenging cold. AccuWeather meteorolog

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, traditional holiday celebrations and family gatherings will look a bit different this year nationwide. One aspect of the holiday will remai

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